Homeopathy is one of the fastest-growing alternative forms of medicine in North America. This form of medicine uses ultra-diluted amounts of plant, mineral, and animal substances to stimulate the healing systems of the body. Homeopathy is effective for a wide range of conditions. Homeopathy can be used to strengthen the defense systems of the body and to stimulate healing of mental or emotional imbalances. Homeopathic remedies are an excellent therapy to stimulate or help repair a damaged immune system. Since homeopathic medicines are ultra-diluted, they are extremely safe for children.


Homeopathic researchers are finding that each homeopathic remedy has its own "fingerprint" on the electromagnetic spectrum. It appears that homeopathic remedies work on a vibrational/energetic level. Unlike most pharmaceutical or natural medicines, homeopathic remedies appear to work directly at the electromagnetic level. In some ways, each remedy has a different electromagnetic frequency and thus action, similar to the various actions of different acupuncture points.


In skilled hands, it can seem like a miracle. Results can often be very swift, particularly for acute conditions. Chronic cases do take longer, but improvements can be sweeping. Homeopathy was founded by Samuel Hahnemann in the late eighteenth century. He trained as a doctor, but was also a skilled chemist. Instinctively, he felt that the medicine he had been taught was not the answer; often it seemed to do more harm than good. Hahnemann felt that the approach was all wrong and that 'we should imitate nature, which sometimes cures a chronic disease by another and employ in the disease we wish to cure that medicine which is able to produce another very similar disease, and the former will be curedí.


The idea wasn't actually new. In the sixteenth century, Paracelsus taught that within each disease lies the key to its cure. Hahnemann and the ancient physicians also realized that to produce a long and lasting cure, you couldn't just cure the disease: you needed to cure the whole person. Then, of necessity, the disease would cure itself.


Hahnemann's breakthrough came with his observations on the effects of cinchona bark which, when it was given to healthy individuals, produced symptoms that were very similar to those of the dangerous malaria fever. However, when it was given to actual sufferers, it appeared to cure the fever. Out of this Hahnemann developed the main principles of homeopathy, testing numerous substances on himself to find out what symptoms they caused. He found, quite bafflingly, that the more dilute the form of the remedy, the more effective it became and, consequently, he began to dilute remedies more and more. He also discovered that there was no point in precisely matching a remedy to a particular disease or condition. Five patients with flu might need five different remedies simply because they would all have slightly different symptoms. In addition, Hahnemann realized that he needed to look beyond the merely physical. He concluded that mental and emotional, even spiritual, states were just as important to consider as physical ones.


Homeopathy is said to work as a form of subtle energy healing. The water, in which the remedies are initially diluted, may extract and store a form of energy which can affect the human body and psyche. As the homeopathic remedy is being prepared and progressively diluted, the physical elements of the substance are removed, leaving their energetic qualities behind. Hahnemann believed the remedies worked very much like a classic immunization, by creating an artificial illness in the patient that stimulates the body's defenses, which rise up to cure the original ailment. However, it seems that the remedy, rather than producing a physical reaction at a structural cell level, is producing a vibrational reaction, a vibrational illness to stimulate the body to heal at a vibrational level.






          Homeopathy can help virtually all conditions -in experienced hands, it can be used to treat everyone from newborn babies to the very elderly.


          Acute conditions such as bee stings, colds and injuries respond well and quickly.


          It has been proved very useful in chronic complaints including arthritis, rheumatism, PMS and menopausal problems, high and low blood pressure, digestive problems and infertility.


          Problems with a psychological aspect respond very well: depression, anxiety, insomnia and stress-related conditions. Some homeopaths have worked with psychiatrists treating patients with severe mental-health problems.


          Children and babies respond wonderfully. It can help to treat a huge range of problems, including ear infections, colic and eczema.


          Animals also respond well and many vets now use homeopathy as an adjunct to conventional medication.





Although for the results one should always see a professional homeopath, every home should have a basic homeopath first-aid kit. These remedies help with every day problems. For most first-aid situations, obtain remedies in the sixth potency (labeled 6x). Keep them away from perfumes and essential oils.


Arnica: is the great shock remedy. Give it immediately after any kind of accident or shock whether physical or emotional. It is also useful after visits to the dentists and after operations because it is incredibly.


Arsenicum album: is the first remedy to consider when there is any thought of food poisoning- when someone has eaten food that is off or tainted. The classic symptoms are restlessness and irritability, a feeling of desperation, feeling thirsty and intense burning pains.


Belladonna: is good for fevers when the face is brightly flushed, for bursting headaches when the face is red, for sunstrokes and for sore throats when the tonsils are enlarged and red. It is very useful in bringing down fevers in babies and children.


Calendula: is generally used topically as a lotion or ointment. It is wonderful for any kind of wound or sore or for soothing rough chapped skin. Calendula promotes healing and lessens scarring.


Cantharis: can help to soothe and heal cystitis. It is useful for any kind of burning pain especially in the bladder or urethra when connected with urination.


Chamomilla: is a classic remedy for teething babies. This remedy can also be helpful if youíve drunk too much coffee and is particularly useful in combating insomnia after an emotional upset.


Gelsemium: is a great flu remedy- suitable for the typical variety of flu where you have shivers up and down the spine, and aching back and limbs and a tight headache.


Ignatia: is the great grief counselor. Give ignatia after any form of emotional shock, fright or grief. It is wonderful for helping bereavement- not only n humans but also for pets.


Ledum: is useful for old bruises and for puncture wounds such as insect stings, splinters or nails.


Nux vomica: helps with the ill effects of overeating or eating the wrong kinds of food; overindulging in alcohol or drugs, over studying and over work. Nux vomica is considered a great destresser.


Petroleum: is useful for travel sickness of all kinds.


Tabacum: is also useful for travel sickness.


Rhus tox: eases sprains of joints or tendons and can be used after any form of overexertion or strain. It is very useful, with arnica, after surgical operations.



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