We stand on the brink of an explosion in energy medicine. Most people tend to think in terms of matter and energy as separate entities. Our bodies are matter: we feed them food which gives us the energy to power them -just as we feed a car fuel to make it move. But, according to the new field of quantum physics, the molecules that compose the physical human body are actually just a form of vibrating energy. In fact, Albert Einstein concluded that matter and energy were actually perfectly interchangeable.


Equally, everything around us is energy: it just vibrates at different frequencies. Just as X-rays, radio and television waves, ultrasonic waves and microwaves have different frequencies, so, too, do the various systems of the human body and the world around us. The cells of the body actually emit pulses of light which scientists surmise may be part of-a sophisticated communication system to organize the actions of cells within each body system.

Once you agree with these ideas, the entire concept of energy medicine (and a lot of other mind-body-spirit ideas) instantly makes sense. Directing a specific sound at a particular organ could bring it back in balance by a form of 'entrainment', encouraging the diseased part to vibrate at the right frequency again. A gem, flower or homeopathic remedy's vibrational signature could have the same effect.


Equally, once we recognize that we are powered by energy, it's a swift jump to recognize that energy isn't just physical: we talk about emotional energy; natural energy; spiritual energy; sexual energy. Once we free ourselves from thinking on purely mechanical, tangible lines and see the world around us as energy vibrating at different frequencies, concepts such as feng shui, emotional healing and Tantra. The whole field is remarkably complex and astonishing.


Fortunately, you do not need to be a quantum physicist to use energy medicine. It can help, however, to understand a few key concepts. We humans possess several specialized systems that supply energy and information to the organs, tissues and cells of the body at a variety of levels. The various forms of energy medicine view these in different ways, but there are some basic concepts on which most agree.





There are many forms of bioenergy in the human body: metabolic energy, bioelectrical energy and biophotonic energy, to name but a few that scientists are now researching to understand how cells communicate. For our purposes, however, we'll focus on that which is known as subtle, or vital, bioenergy (also known as subtle magnetic life energies) because these are the systems that we can most readily and easily influence for ourselves. Qi (in the Chinese system) and prana (in the Indian) are the forms of energy with which you may be most familiar. Both the Chinese and Indians have been aware of the  existence of subtle energy in the body and the environment for thousands of years -their whole systems of medicine are built upon it, as are their theories of architecture (feng shui in China, vastu shastra in India).


Although both forms of energy are described slightly differently, in reality, they are both ways of describing the energy that is absorbed from the environment around us, from the food we eat and the exercise we take. It can also be inherited from our parents. Qi flows through channels known as meridians, while prana flows through channels called the nadis, and also through the chakras.


Energy medicine also teaches that there are fields of energy that lie beyond our physical form. The best known is the 'aura' (which forms around the body), but there are also etheric energy (which keeps the physical body in correct shape), astral energy (which deals with emotional energy), mental energy (which governs intellect, creativity and thought) and higher spiritual energy or soul energy (which is said to hold our memories from lifetime to lifetime).

Let's take a closer look at some of these concepts.





Eastern religions teach that the human body contains many spinning spheres of bio-energetic energy, known as chakras. The major ones run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. While scientists insist chakras don't exist because they cannot be seen under the microscope, clairvoyants claim they can easily 'see' them. And the PIP scanner which takes information from sound and light frequencies in the body now shows what the mystics have known of all along: oscillating spheres of energy in a vertical line down the body.


The chakras are precise monitors of our physical and mental wellbeing. Each chakra is said to spin at a different frequency and, when each one spins at its perfect frequency, the systems of the body radiate perfect health; emotions are centered and balanced and we enjoy optimum health and a deep sense of peace. It's a little like tuning into a radio station: if you're on the wrong frequency, the sound is distorted and unpleasant; once you hit the right frequency. it becomes clear as a bell. However, with all the stresses and strains of modern life, it is easy for the chakras to fall out of frequency. When this happens, we fall prey to illnesses, feel under par or lose our emotional equilibrium.


Each chakra governs different emotions and life issues. By visualizing and meditating on the chakras. you can learn a lot about yourself, increasing your self-knowledge. You can also use your chakras to 'tune in. to various issues or life lessons. For example, if you wanted to connect to the feeling of unconditional love, you would focus on your heart chakra, visualizing it as a beautiful, clear green wheel of energy, vibrating in your heart area.


The following describes the main chakras, their colors and the areas they govern.




Base: Kundalini: Root Chakra:
Located at the base of the spine.
Contains the primary 8 cells that have all of the knowledge of
creation and remain the only cells in your body that do not
change in your lifetime. It grounds us in the physical world.

Spleen: Located just beneath the navel, and
related to our sexual and reproductive capacity.
Blockage manifests as emotional problems or sexual guilt.

Solar Plexis:
Seat of Emotions. Gives us a sense of personal power
in the world. Blockage manifests as anger or a sense of victimization.

Heart Chakra: Blockage can manifest as immune
system or heart problems, or a lack of compassion.

Throat: Tied to creativity and communication. Feels pressure
when you are not communicating your emotions properly.

Third Eye: Pineal Gland: Is a physical eye
with the capabilities of looking upward.

Crown: Connects you with message from higher realms.
Can be experienced as a pressure on the top of the head.





In an ideal world, all our chakras would be balanced, each spinning equally. However, most of us have one or more centers out of equilibrium. Sometimes the body itself will give us clues: a sore throat can be an indication that the throat chakra needs attention, headaches may be a hint that we need to work on our brow chakra and constipation may nudge us into looking at our base.


Alternatively, consider which of the areas in the table opposite cause you problems. Are you often fearful, lacking in confidence and self-esteem? Work with your solar plexus.


Do you find you have sexual relationships, but can't connect on an emotional level? You may well need to focus on both the genital and heart chakras.


If you're feeling too spacey and unconnected with the 'real world', you may need to ground yourself with your base and stop living in your crown!


Let's now take a look at how you can balance the chakras with everyday activities.


THE BASE CHAKRA: You need to reconnect with your body. Start by doing as much physical exercise as possible - choose a sport or activity you enjoy (maybe dance, aerobics, running or swimming). Try massage -find a professional aromatherapist or bodyworker, or ask a friend or partner to give you a massage. Yoga would be excellent, as it heals and balances all the chakras. Gardening and pottery are good grounding exercises if you have a deficiency of base chakra. On a psychological level, look at your early relationship with your mother: talk to her about it if you can. If it's painful, talk to a trained therapist or counselor.


THE SACRAL CHAKRA: Learn to trust and enjoy your senses feel the textures around you, listen to new music and sounds, look at nature and at art, and taste different foods and drinks. Dance can help to liberate this chakra, as can bodywork. Gently try to get in touch with your emotions (with professional help if necessary) to release any old feelings of hurt, anger and guilt.


THE SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: Anyone with problems in this chakra would benefit from doing sit-ups (abdominal crunches) to strengthen that area. Martial arts such as judo or tai chi would be excellent. Psychotherapy can help you build up the necessary strength to release or contain any pent-up anger and strengthen your sense of autonomy.


THE THROAT CHAKRA: If you are lacking in energy in your throat chakra, you need to use your voice: singing, chanting, humming, and shouting -anything to release the voice. Sound therapy or voice work would be wonderful. If you have too much energy here, practice the art of silence and concentrate on what other people are saying. All problems in this chakra benefit from bodywork or massage to release tension in the neck and shoulders, or you could try the Alexander technique or Pilates. Write your thoughts and unspoken feelings in a journal; write letters (they don't have to be sent).


THE HEART CHAKRA: Breathing exercises will help all those with problems in the heart chakra -join yoga or chi kung class that teaches breathing. Start a journal, writing down all your feelings and thoughts honestly. Look at your relationships and try to free yourself from suppressed grief and loss (with professional help if necessary). Start to accept yourself -just as you are.


THE BROW CHAKRA: Try painting and drawing -use whatever materials and colors you like and paint whatever comes to mind. Look at your painting and see what emotions emerge. Write down and work with your dreams. Try meditation or autogenic training. Guided visualizations can be useful, as can hypnotherapy (but only with a qualified expert).


THE CROWN CHAKRA: Meditation could be very useful for you. Be open to new ideas and new information -don't dismiss things until you've tried them. Examine your attitudes to spirituality and religion. If you have an excess of crown chakra energy, you need to connect with your body and the earth -try physical exercise, massage or gardening.


If you have a deficiency, open yourself up to the idea of spirituality, drop your cynicism and cultivate an open mind.



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